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Pleiadian Oracle Deck

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Connect to the Frequency of the Star System Pleiades, in this Galactivated Oracle Deck to reclaim your Star Seed Memories.  Have you always wondered what are the teachings in the Star System of the Pleiades and their association with many cultures on Earth such as the Maya? Do you seek to know how we can infuse the wisdom of the Pleiadians to jump into our highest potential time line on Earth?  These spectacular 44 cards of multi-dimensionality are built for you and the StarSeeds to activate your Galactic Remembrance and empower your Earth Walk. Led by Star Guide, Flo Karuna, the Pleiadian Oracle will take individuals into gateway that is Pleiades and activate you with activities and timely information to guide you to their wisdom.  The accompanying guidebook will reveal instructions for using the Pleiadian Starseed Oracle cards and to learn further about this species and constellation that has been supporting humanity since our arrival on Gaia. Each card interpretation includes detailed guidance, as well as experience based exercises to open up the Star Wisdom within yourself.  A one of kind of deck!

Deck Published April 14th 2021