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Dolphin Medicine

Dolphin medicine represents the sacredness of all life and the abundance of the primordial sea. They are the gatekeepers to other realms and may teach us how to pass freely between this world and others. Dolphins carry this ability because they are mammals that live in the sea. They live in two worlds, the world of air and the world of water. Like Whales, Dolphins teach us how to remain open to living in more than one way and environment, this is especially helpful for those who feel they are living a dual lifestyle, for example the Accountant who is also a practicing Medium on the weekends! 

Many of us are uncomfortable trying to step from one realm of life to another in this manner. We often feel we must hide our more unorthodox beliefs and practices out of fear that at best someone will think us a kook and at worst, we may lose our jobs. Dolphin medicine can show us ways in which we can come to terms with what the outside world expects of us and what we must do to remain true to ourselves! Dolphin may encourage us to begin looking at ways in which we can use the current career to help us step into doing full time that which we really love and desire to do so that we may be true to who we are at all times and not just when it is "safe" for us to do so! Or perhaps Dolphin energy may suggest that we begin looking for another employer who is more empathetic to our beliefs and may even ask that one share what one has learned with them and other employees! (I actually had a client to whom this happened after he began working with Dolphin medicine). 

Dolphins are also extremely protective, they are well known for protecting other species, including humans by saving them from drowning and as such they can help to protect us when we call upon them for help and support. If you feel you are drowning under a sea of emotional or physical problems, financial debt, illness, fears, what ever the cause may be you can call upon the Dolphin realms to help you get your head above water. One way of doing this is to find a picture of a Dolphin or a figurine, any that you feel attracted to will do, and write your request down on paper and place it underneath the Dolphin. I also like to give whom ever I am asking help from some token of appreciation and payment. This may include a few shiny pennies, some Tobacco, a bowl of essences or essential oils diluted in water, incense, what ever feels right and appropriate to you is fine. It is your intention to give something back that is most important, not the actual token itself! Donating money to a enviromental cause that is important to you is another wonderful way of giving something back in Thanks! Yet which ever token you choose to give, once it has been given and you have made your request, LET IT GO! Perhaps spend a moment in quiet visualization seeing yourself on the edge of a beautiful shore, Dolphins swimming towards you in the surf. You wade out to meet them, noting how cool and clear the water feels as it laps gently against you. Feel the cleansing power of the sea and the love and support that is coming to you from the Dolphin realms! As the Dolphins approach, you can float the paper with your request to them or even create a symbol that the sea will wash out to them.

At times working with symbols can be more even more effective as they bypass any belief systems you may have that your request will not be answered. Use your own intuition and guidance to determine what is best for you! Next ,see your Dolphin pod taking your request or symbol and surrounding it, carrying it out into the Universal Flow where it may be healed. Your job at this point is simply to pay attention to the signs the Universe wll begin sending you that healing and resolution is on the way! Pay close attention as sometimes things don't appear as we think they ought. Keep an open mind and heart, trust that the Universe IS working on your behalf as it is, always and in all ways! Most people who have worked with this visualization in the past have started to see results within three days. Yet give it time, watch for the signs, act on your own inner guidance, be open to receive healing and if you feel resistance in any form, call again upon the Dolphins to help you remain open. All you have to do is state your request clearly and they will hear you and respond. 

Because of their protective nature, Dolphins are wondeful medicine to call upon when you are in an area where you feel unsafe. If you must walk alone at night, call upon a pod of Dolphins to surround and protect you. The more you can feel their energy around you and you will with practice, the more they will be able to protect and keep you safe! Those who live so called "alternative lifestyles" such as Gays and Lesbians may also want to call upon Dolphins for support and protection! Dolphins do not judge, they do not condemn, they seek only to enlighten all of us that we are one and what is done to one, is done to all!

Dolphins are also very sexual creatures, they have been known to mate just for the sheer joy of it! For those who carry feelings of guilt or shame about their own sexual natures, Dolphins can help them release those feelings and understand that Spirit in all it's wisdom knew what he/she was doing when sex was created! Sex can help one stay younger longer, improves physical and mental as well as emotional health, is valuable as a stress reliever as well as sharing intimacy to bond even more strongly with one's partner. Dolphins tend to touch one another frequently, and science has found that touching is such a strong means of bonding that the more often people hug and touch their loved ones, the stronger the support each member feels and the healthier every one is! Because of this Dolphin can teach us that the way to heal rifts is by being willing to be open to touching and receiving touching from those we love. Obviously the touching must be done in appropriate ways, yet who couldn't do without a daily hug or pat on the back! 

For those who have been sexually abused Dolphin can be called upon to help heal the damage that has been caused. Dolphins because of their strong bonds to other pod members can call in those folks through whom one can feel safe and okay about being touched because it is coming from a space of unconditional love and with the highest intent at heart! Dolphin people for this reason are fabulous healers for those who have been sexually or physically abused, and may even have been abused themselves. Yet because these people carry such strong unconditional love for all and are often very wise in understanding that everything can be used to create a higher level of being for all, they are able to find ways to move past their own pain so they can help reach and heal others. Bless them, these folks have often seen so much and yet they are able to respond back to the world with love and compassion, even as Dolphins in the sea are able to respond in loving and supportive ways to humans though humans have not always been so kind to them!

Because Dolphins are of the sea and air, they also carry strong intuitive and creative energy. They are highly telepathic and love to communicate in many ways and forms. They can teach us too how to communicate more fully and honestly with others, as well as how best to express who we are as creative beings. We are always creating, and even though some or perhaps many of our creations are not to our liking, Dolphin is well aware that we are indeed creating everything we are experiencing in life through our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. We are amazingly powerful beings! If there is any one thing that I have always felt Dolphins would love for us to know it is this: We CAN change our lives by paying attention to what we are communicating to ourselves and others! We are constantly sending forth messages in one form or another and some of those messages are obviously not in our best interests or the world would be a much happier place to be! Have you ever watched a pod of Dolphins at play? It's amazing, the way they frolic in the sea, calling back and forth, chirping and clicking in joy. They even LOOK like they are smiling much of the time! I believe this is how they have managed to survive, even with the pollution we have dumped into our oceans, even with the ways in which many humans have shown a tragic disregard for all forms of life. Dolphins are still able to find and communicate that note of joy and there are many who are starting to listen! 

If Dolphin has appeared for you, ask yourself the following: what am I communicating? Am I finding things to be happy about or is all I am seeing are the problems I currently am facing in life? What have I been wanting to create in my life but I feel I am too old, too young, not enough money, not good enough, not worthy of having that creation manifest? Have I been listening to my inner guidance or do I ignore it in hopes an answer I like better will come along? Have I asked for help from my own "pod" or am I always trying to go it alone? Dolphins rely heavily on their pod members for safety and finding food as well as companionship. If you don't have a circle of support perhaps Dolphin has appeared to tell you to start asking for your own Pod to appear! Yet you must ASK, you must communciate what you are needing and wanting in any form that feels right to you before the Universe can bring you what you desire! Begin a creative project of some sort, writing, painting, creating music, learning dance, sculpting or starting a garden are just a few ways that you can put your creative skills to use. Don't think you are very "creative"? Think again! Perhaps what you need to recognize is that you have created a wonderful home for your family or are talented at inspiring others to be the best that they can be! 

The following is from two different newsletters. While searching for the Dolphin oracle information I originally wanted to include from another newsletter I found the following which seems to be especially appropriate!

Dolphin is about new promise and hope, of allowing our innate creativity to shine forth and create a new reality for ourselves at this time. Spring is well and truly underway and what we need to be asking ourselves is “ what new life do I wish to bring forth at this time”? It takes a pinch of dreaming, a dab of planning and heaps of trust and love to birth this new life but now is the time. Dolphins communicate constantly with one another, they sing their songs, emit clicks and then wait to see what returns to them in the form of sound. Again this is a sign that we too need to be asking the Universe for what we want out loud, through song, prayer or simply talking out loud as though to a dear friend. Then we need to shut up and listen! We can’t hear the answers if we are still busy chatting away so speak your piece and then stop: What are others saying to you? What conversations are you overhearing as you wait in the queue? What messages through books, emails, even advertisements are jumping out at you? What does the wind say? Remember, among Native Americans the wind is the voice and breath of Spirit so heed what messages you receive when you relax your mind and listen to the breeze blowing through the trees. 

I remember several months ago walking down 8th avenue and looking up at a billboard advertising a new Southpark show. It said playtime is over, the kids are graduating to fourth grade. That really stuck in my mind, later on I was to realize why. It’s the little as well as the big things that the Universe uses to respond to our requests, to give us guidance and hope for the present and future. Another important message that Dolphin brings to us at this time comes from Ted Andrews, the creator of the Animal Wise Tarot and author of several fine books; “ The appearance of Dolphin within our life can reflect unexpected altruistic behaviour towards us by others”. It is a message to be open to receiving this help from others and to allow ourselves to be supported by the waters of life.

Dolphin Oracle Meditation 

Here’s what you do: Close your eyes, relax as much as you can and visualize yourself swimming in the sea with a pod of Dolphins. Several of them come close to you and you ask them a question that has been bothering you or maybe you need some extra guidance on the next step you need to take. You have an idea but need a yes or no answer ( I suspect later on that they will teach me how to handle more complex questions using this method). 

Ask your question now. Keeping your eyes on the Dolphins what are they doing? A nod of the head up and down means yes, from side to side no. If a Dolphin rears up and begins tracking through the water backwards on it’s tail it means that you need to proceed forward not worrying whether you are doing the right thing or not, it’s a time of moving with faith and allowing a higher force to steer you. You may not be able to see where you are going but the more faith you can muster that your path is being cleared, you will suddenly find that you have arrived when you least expected it! If one or more Dolphins begins swimming to the left of you this means that there is something that needs to be cleared from your past before a “yes” answer can be given. If you ask at that point for a symbol or vision of what that is, you will receive one and then it is up to you to figure out what it means but they will leave plenty of clues in your path! Movement to the right of you indicates that future events have not quite jelled enough yet for manifestation which is good news: it means you still have plenty of time to become very clear about what you want and need, then you can go back into this meditation and hand that as a sort of parcel, nicely done up in wrapping paper and ribbon if you choose, give it to the Dolphins and they will insert it into the future so it will manifest for you at the right place and time. 

If the Dolphins star swimming in circles this means you are being like Coyote and chasing your own tail which is keeping you stuck. Again you need to parcel the problem or question up, hand it to the Dolphins and let them swim away from you heading in a straight line in front on you. They may return within this same meditation or later on, you need to trust though that what is happening is moving you out of the way so they and the Universe can sort things out for you. This would be an excellent time to reach for Dolphin Getting Out Of Your Own Way as well! You may find yourself being surrounded by the Dolphins and them nudging you to just swim with them. I feel this is an especially wonderful gift and time for you if this happens as they will be leading you to something you have only thought could happen in your wildest dreams or to a wonderful surprise so keep an open mind! Let them lead the way as they have your highest good and greatest joy at heart. These are the basics and as I say there may be more over time, but the most important thing is to play with this, have fun with it! The Dolphins always come from a place of joy and happiness, and that’s where they desire to lead all of us!