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coyote leaping
Coyote leaping

Latin: Canus Latrins
Traits: A trickster and a powerful teacher. Coy, keenly observant, playful. Deceitful.

In stories, Coyote and Mouse are often found together. The spirit of Mouse has six inches of vision. It’s world is one where everything around it is much bigger. Seeing only the world directing in front of it, with the rest obscured by the largeness around it.

Coyote can be an instrument of change for Mouse, and for us. Coyote is known to toss Mouse high in the air. For mouse, it may be the first time it sees the big picture – instant clarification!

Both Coyote and Mouse are known for making dens for homes and staying close to them. They provide a sense of belonging and of home for anyone called to Shawnodese and its manifestations.