Born in the soils of Mother Earth and the ceremonies of Spirit, Yoga Totems was created as a means to connect Yoga Practitioners deeper with the Animal World around them.

In 2015, co-founder Karuna "Nature" Flow was given a vision that showed how peace on earth is established when we harmonize the Eastern Spiritual Practices of Meditation & Yoga with the Western  Spiritual Practices of Earth Honouring & Shamanism. When these two would come together in harmony, Heaven would meet Earth, Shiva would meet Shakti and the world would know peace. The Animals were the meeting point between these worlds.

The Yogis of Ancient India would mimic the postures of various species and they soon turned into the Asanas that shape Modern Day Yoga.

The Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America) would connect with the spirit of the Animals, name their family clans after them and honored their spirits and teachings.  

After we saw how the world was benefitting so much from Yoga Practice and yet our beloved Animals were suffering simultaneously, we decided for our company to be the living representation of this vision and bring forth a new yoga mat that honors all the beloved species on Earth.

This birthed Yoga Totems where certain proceeds from each sale goes either to an Animal Conservation project, plants a tree or supports a visionary medicine artist.

We are hoping through this company that we can serve the the animal world and bring health and healing to all on this beautiful planet.




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