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Masters of Light - The Ascended Masters Oracle Board-Game PRE-ORDER

$44.00 USD

WE ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!! If you like to get on the next edition pre-order, you can purchase here, with an expectancy for the game to arrive in 2-3months. We appreciate your support and the new edition is even better than the original!!

The revolutionary Oracle Card game Masters of Light that works with the Ascended Masters.

Come on a journey into the greatness that is you with the Ascended Masters Oracle Board-Game Masters of Light. This is an Oracle Card Deck fused with a Board-Game that is designed to take individuals and groups on an Inspiring quest into Self-Mastery.  

Enjoy a quest of self discovery where you are the player and we all win when you share your kindness, authenticity and deep truth along the way. 

Masters of Light (MOL) draws inspiration from a 7 year journey across the globe which was sparked by the captivating magical stories of India and that of the Masters, such as Babaji found in the classic book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. 

Play tested by hundreds of people over a span of 2 years, MOL is now more than just a game but a revolutionary & educational experience designed to break barriers and open within all a desire to reach their fullest potential on Earth.  

With Amazing artwork incorporated from visionary artists in across the globe, we have created an unforgettable engaging package to enjoy with your family and friends. Start your Journey today and give someone the gift of Self Mastery. 

Box Contents 
144 Activation Cards 
33 Golden Edge Ascended Masters Oracle Cards 
28 Flame Activation Chips 
20 Self-Love Cards 
6 Game Legends 
2 Dice 
Game Board 
Oracle Guide Book


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